Located in the beautiful southern part of Minnesota, near the Canadian border, lies the charming town of Coon Rapids. Famous for its many outdoor activities, the area offers a lot to do for everyone from the kids to the couples. With a beautiful ball field, Riverfront Park is a great recreation facility located in a peaceful, quiet neighborhood within Coon Rapids Minnesota. It’s a favorite location with the locals as well, and it always fills up with enthusiastic visitors making it the best outdoor community park in the area. More about Spring Lake Park, MN can be seen here.

The beautiful Riverfront Park and its easy access make it a perfect place for families with small children, as it’s not too big a field or too small. In fact, it’s not even remotely close to another recreational facility, which is great for those parents who want a little escape from it all. There’s also a very impressive golf course at Riverfront Park, which makes it a wonderful place for a family vacation. For those who are interested in other outdoor activities, there’s no photo available at this time of writing about the Coon Rapids coffee bars, world-class shopping malls, and even some very impressive and beautiful old historical buildings. Click here to read about Champlin, Minnesota – The Gateway to North Minnesota.

All these things can easily be found in the state of Minnesota, and the town of Coon Rapids is a great travel destination for travelers looking for a little slice of North Dakota wilderness. Traveling to this area can be done all year round by those who like to take long vacations since the weather stays warm enough to enjoy every moment outdoors. There is also a wide range of activities that anyone can enjoy when they’re here, regardless of whether you prefer hiking to fish or spending your days enjoying the fresh air, the natural beauty, and all the wonders of the land. All these things make the state of Minnesota, and the town of Coon Rapids, Minn, a perfect vacation spot.