Ham Lake, Minnesota is a beautiful lakeside community in northern Minnesota. Ham Lake is part of the Twin Cities area, which is centered in southwest Minnesota near the North Dakota border. It’s a lovely community for any area person, who likes to take weekend vacations, work on a farm, or just relax and be happy. Whether you are shopping for a new house or just looking for a quiet weekend in the country, Ham Lake has a lot to offer. Visit this link for more information.

The city is known as being a recreational and vacation destination. There is fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, ice fishing, canoeing, and fly fishing, with walleye, rainbow trout, fall rainbow trout, and Chinook salmon close by. The fishing is very good year-round, but it is particularly busy in the summertime. Over eighteen thousand visitors came to Ham Lake in 2010, which made it the third-largest community in Anoka County, Minnesota. Ham Lake is just east of the Minnesota border and west of the southern Minnesota city of Moorhead. As far as population density is concerned, Ham Lake is ranked fourth among all cities in the metro area and is ranked third for being the most populous. This means that the real estate values in Ham Lake are increasing fast and are expected to continue to do so in the coming years. Read about Coon Rapids, Minnesota – Promises Beautiful Ambiance here. 

The average household income is around forty-seven thousand dollars, and the per capita income is around seven hundred dollars. There are many clubs, associations, churches, public schools, and private facilities in Ham Lake Minnesota. It’s a nice place for families. You can find so much here that will make your vacations really special. The other reason why people love living in Ham Lake includes the town’s easy access to both the eastern and western parts of Minnesota. Visitors can take buses and railroads to get into the Twin Cities. Traveling by air takes only a few hours. Visitors who want to explore the history of the area could stay in the northern part of town and walk the Minnesota Historical Society or the Minnesota Zoo.