The City of Lauderdale Minnesota is situated along the Gulf Coast of Florida and is bordered by Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Florida. It is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the state of Minnesota. The next two largest cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul are approximately a three-hour drive away from Lauderdale.  Lauderdale has a lot of diverse interests and is considered one of the premier places for entertainment, vacations and all forms of recreation. Although Lauderdale has a relatively small population compared to some of the larger cities in Minnesota like Minneapolis and St. Paul, it is a vibrant community with a lot of activities going on year-round. The winters are generally mild in Lauderdale although they do get to be cold sometimes and the summers are hot and humid although not too hot. Further facts about Spring Lake Park, MN can be found here. 


Lauderdale Minnesota ranked as the fifth fastest-growing major metropolitan in the state of Minnesota and is ranked as the fifth-largest city overall in the state of Minnesota according to the latest Lauderdale Minnesota statistics and rankings report. This makes it the largest city in the state of Minnesota by a fairly large margin, and just ahead of the fifth-largest city, Minneapolis. Although it is considered to be a relatively small city compared to other Minnesota cities, Lauderdale is home to over twenty-seven thousand residents, which makes it the ninth-largest city in that area. Information about Ham Lake, Minnesota – Minnesota’s Most Popular Lake Community can be found here.

Based on the latest figures, Lauderdale has an estimated ninety-three percent of its total population that is considered to be ages 18 and older. It is also believed that at least seventy-five percent of this city’s residents live in condominiums. The second-largest city in Minnesota, it is home to approximately half of the total population of Lauderdale Minnesota which makes it the fourth largest city in the state of Minnesota according to the 2021 census. This makes it the second-largest community in that area that is serviced by the Lauderdale airport, which was found to rank third in that same Minnesota poll.