Little Canada is a unique community in Minnesota. It’s a quiet inner-ring suburb of Minneapolis – Saint Paul. The average population in 2021 was 9,783. This is about where the state line divides and is a large enough area that many Minnesotans who live outside the city would still call it Little Canada. In some parts, Little Canada is part of the suburbs of Minneapolis, but still within easy access of North Minneapolis. More can be found here.

At one time Little Canada was home to hundreds of Somalis who came to the United States to escape the war. But in recent years, Little Canada has seen a resurgence as many are returning home or moving there after a visit or a job opportunity. Some of those returning home include college students, newlyweds on their honeymoon, new arrivals from other countries such as Mexico and Chile, newlyweds on retirement, and even military personnel stationed in the area. Because of this concentration of visitors, Little Canada has developed a tourism presence that attracts thousands of dollars in spending and provides employment to many native Minnesotans as well as tourists who come for the culture and shopping. Learn more about Lauderdale, Minnesota – A Modern Beauty.

Even though the tourism business is big business for Little Canada, there is much more going on here than meets the eye. For example, in addition to housing the Minnesota Orchestra, the Minnesota Historical Society and various museums, the city has developed an innovative cultural marketing program that draws in visitors by offering musical performances and free performances by local artists. In addition to that, although the majority of visitors to Little Canada come here for the shopping and the historic sites, the city has developed a reputation for having the best cuisine in the country. As a result, the Little Canada dining options include five top restaurants plus two cafeterias and two bars plus award-winning chefs.