Zenith Roof

This was a Hail claim In Robbinsdale, The hail came through the neighborhood and damaged the cedar shakes and the skylights… The homeowner liked the cedar shake look but hated the growth on one side of the home that he had to maintain yearley. So we introduced the Malarkey Windsors a designer shingle by Malarkey that gives you the look of the cedar shake and the thickness without any of the maintenance of the wood. This particular shingle also has imbedded cooper granules that guarantees the color and no mold or mildew growth by 3M Scotchgard. Not only did the homeowner get everything they wanted out of their roof but they saved twenty percent of their insurance premium, because Malarkey Windsors are IR shingle, meaning that the shingle is impact resistant and the hail impact will not damage this product as easy as the other products.