Attic Remodeling

Attics are often one of the most underutilized spaces in a home. At best, they are used as storage spaces. And at worst, they are just empty spaces. If you want to expand your home, you do not have to begin with adding on. Consider an attic remodel from SMC Construction, Inc. to add to your square footage and make the most of your home.

Our Process

The experts at SMC Construction, Inc. are here to help you with every step of the attic remodel process. From the first consultation to the final walk-through, we will work with you to realize your vision of a beautiful and functional attic space. When you choose SMC Construction, Inc., you can expect your attic remodeling project to proceed through the following steps.

We always begin every remodeling process with a consultation. During this step, we will meet with you in person, inspect the site, answer any of your questions, and address your concerns about the process. During the consultation, our experts may also take measurements and create a must-have list with you.

For projects that require plans and/or design services, we are pleased to offer you a Design and Estimating Consultation for your project. This service entails scheduling an additional meeting with you and our experienced trade partners who will discuss your project. Together, we will gather all the necessary details to provide you with a comprehensive scope of work and an accurate estimate.

Please note that Design and Estimating Consultations come with a fee, typically ranging from 2% to 3% of the total project cost. The specific fee will be determined based on the complexity of your project. We highly encourage all decision makers to be present during this meeting to ensure everyone’s input is incorporated into the process.

Once we have the preliminary information, we will create a custom proposal for your project. The proposal will take your specific attic and budget into account. You will be able to find your proposal on our online client portal. We will always follow up with you after submitting your proposal to address your questions or concerns and provide updates.

Once you have accepted our proposal and signed the paperwork, it is time to start your attic remodeling project. The first step of this process is to collect the necessary permits and order materials. We will also decide on a date to begin work on your attic. From the beginning of your project to the end, we will keep you updated on our progress and be available to answer any questions.

Your attic renovation will end with the required inspections and a final walk-through. During the final walk-through, our team will ensure you are happy with our work and answer your questions. We will also discuss our warranty with you at this time.

The Cost

Attic renovations can vary wildly in their cost. How much your attic remodel will cost you will depend on the size of the space and what you plan to add to it. For example, adding a new bathroom or guest suite to your attic will likely be significantly more expensive than creating a reading nook.

Generally, you can expect an attic renovation to cost between $25,000-$75,000, depending on materials, size, and complexity.

You must utilize your attic space to get the most out of your home. Attic renovation may be costly, but they add value and usability to your home. If you want to ensure you receive the best renovation for your money, contact SMC Construction, Inc. We are Minnesota’s best attic remodeler and look forward to helping you transform this often-overlooked space.

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