The Onyx Collection was established in 1985. As you can tell by the name, the collection features components made of onyx.

What are 4 things you should know about The Onyx Collection? Here’s some good info…

#1 Outstanding construction

The materials offered by The Onyx Collection are superior to the surfaces that other companies utilize. Not all solid surfaces are made equal, as you may already be aware. The Onyx Collection employs different ingredients than other producers and that’s the main difference. Alumina trihydrate serves as the primary component of The Onyx Collection’s solid surfaces. Due to its endurance, this substance is frequently utilized in the plastic of automobiles and in roofing materials. A formaldehyde-free polymer resin is the other component employed in the materials. It has a good-looking finish and is flexible in design. The final outcome? You receive a solid surface product that is cast in a cultured marble mold, giving you a stone-like feel and appearance that is ideal for the long-awaited bathroom refurbishment.

#2 Wide range of product options

#2 Wide range of product options 

The Onyx Collection is extremely happy to be able to provide both standard and customized options across the entire product line, allowing customers to select from a wide array of styles and solutions. With the option to select from more than 70 conventional shower base pans, wall panels and shower doors, you have virtually endless creative options for how you want your bathroom to appear and feel. Additionally, there are a huge variety of sizes and styles available for vanity tops for bathroom sinks.

The Onyx Collection can provide you with new options for tub surrounds, including trim, decks and accessories. You have the option of matte or gloss finishes, and each new option comes in a variety of textures and colors. The Onyx Collection is one of the largest collections to choose everything you need for your bathroom makeover because of the variety of products it offers. Because there are so many options, you can customize your bathroom precisely how you want. This enables you to realize that unique bathroom vision you’ve been dreaming about!

#3 Low maintenance

#3 Low maintenance

Speaking of simple upkeep, The Onyx Collection’s solid surfaces are some of the simplest and least expensive to maintain. Solid surfaces can be safely cleaned using non-abrasive household products. This means there is no need to spend money on pricey cleaners.

Every time you clean it, you should use a protective polishing product. For these solid surfaces, white vinegar and water removes residues.

#4 Design continuity

The absence of grouting results in cleaner, smoother lines. The appropriate finishing touches may help tie the entire renovation together. Think of stunningly modern baseboards and distinctive crown molding. You can design the bathroom of your dreams by including matching towel bars, toilet paper holders, robe hooks and other accessories. Everything will depend on the consistent design you get from The Onyx Collection. Achieve that unified look in your bathroom from floor to ceiling!


The Onyx Collection is the expert in bathroom design you didn’t know you needed! Bathroom renovation gives you the ability to modify the area, but it also gives you the chance to increase value, make the room more pleasant and create the bathroom of your dreams. You can upgrade the lighting, update the decor, add energy-efficient fixtures and make the bathroom stand out. The Onyx Collection will provide you the opportunity to increase the value of your home. Call SMC Construction at 763-400-0251 for more information about remodeling your Minnesota bathroom with items from The Onyx Collection.