Beautiful and uncommon white onyx is a natural stone that adds a touch of class to any setting. When utilized to adorn your house and living space, it has a beautiful appearance.

Onyx is made of calcite and often forms in caves in South America, Africa and the Middle East. The clearness of the stone determines the authenticity of white onyx, and Iran, for example, is home to some of the world’s most precious stones. It is also where the lovely swirls and speckles we see in the finer features of a real onyx slab come from.

One of the most exquisite and distinctive natural stones you may use in your house is onyx. If you’re thinking of adding an onyx shower to your bathroom, you might be wondering how to clean it, right?

White Onyx Surface: Maintenance & Care

White Onyx surface_ maintenance & care

White onyx needs additional tender loving care and meticulous maintenance. It is a porous, delicate natural stone made of silica that is somewhat more vulnerable to acidic reactions and excessive moisture. But don’t worry– it will be simple to handle if you adopt the correct cleaning strategy and establish a routine for it. Additionally, utilize white onyx with a foundation that strengthens and protects it because it is a little bit delicate. When utilized as a countertop or wall tile, this is extremely crucial. Your white onyx surfaces are often protected from scratches and abrasions by a fiberglass backing.

Use a gentle microfiber towel to wipe the surface instead of using abrasive cleansers that include acid since they can damage the onyx’s surface. You should select cleaning products that have a neutral pH.

The following five cleaning tips can help white onyx last a long time without losing its wonderful texture…

#1 Use A Sealant On The Stone

For yearly care of a white onyx surface, speak with a professional. SMC Construction professionals, for example, would be happy to assist– our experts can suggest the best sealants to maintain the surface’s protection and lengthen its lifespan.

#2 Apply A Gentle Brush

Avoid rubbing or using a cleaning pad on spills that harden, such as food spills. Use a damp, soft-bristled brush that has been soaked in liquid soap as an alternative. Your premium white onyx’s surface will be protected while receiving excellent cleaning.

#3 Clean It Up

Use a gentle, moist cloth and a little dish soap to clean the surface of your white onyx. This is the best approach to remove spills and stains from this kind of onyx. To avoid damaging the surface of the white onyx backsplash or countertop, use a soft microfiber cloth.

#4 Remove The Soap

After using soap to remove stains, fully rinse your cloth, and then use it to further clean the material. To ensure that it is totally clean, remember to wipe it down a minimum of two times.

#5 Dry It Off

If moisture is left on the white onyx surface for an extended period, damage may result. With a clean, dry cloth, remove any remaining moisture from the surface and allow it to completely dry. Keep in mind to pat, not wipe.

More Tips For Cleaning Onyx

More tips for cleaning Onyx

Use a small quantity of whatever professional cleaning solution you use on your onyx shower to avoid leaving a film.

On your onyx shower surface, only soft wiping cloths or rags should ever be used– never a scrubbing pad or scrub brush.

Change cleaning cloths to avoid using abrasive cleansers on the onyx surface while cleaning other materials and surfaces.

To avoid leaving residue, always fully rinse your cleaning solution.

Onyx stone that is found naturally is porous and readily absorbs liquids, especially if it is not protected. Once stains have dried, it might be challenging to remove them from the stone, so it’s critical to clean them up immediately.

Onyx surfaces like shower tiles and worktops are frequently polished by the supplier before being delivered to your house. By reducing the quantity of liquid the stone may absorb, stone sealers help to shield it from stains and damage. Onyx surfaces can be sealed yourself, but it’s strongly advised that you have the supplier do it so that it’s done correctly.


If you see that your Onyx shower is beginning to appear drab or lose its shine, it could require a thorough cleaning. Using a professional cleaner produced especially for natural stones or a DIY cleaner made of gentle, non-abrasive materials are the two best ways to clean an onyx shower. For more information about the cleaning and care of Onyx showers, call SMC Construction of Spring Lake Park, MN, at 763-400-0251.