Winter is around the corner.

Now is the time to pay attention to your windows. When you keep windows well-maintained, you can increase their lifespan; With regular inspection and maintenance of windows, you can also increase the functional efficiency of them.

Here are the five most crucial window maintenance steps you can follow before winter…

Window Maintenance Step #1: Keep Them Clean

window maintenance

To keep windows clean, you need to ensure that all the debris and dirt is removed from the window panes. When the windows are not cleaned for a prolonged period, dirt sticks to the panes. The debris is usually in the form of dust particles, dried leaves, and other things. This debris causes damage to the window panes as well as the windowsills. You can use a wet cloth to remove all the stubborn dirt from your window panes.

With the help of a brush, you can remove dirt from the windowsills and unreachable areas of the windows. This small step will help you keep your windows clean and well-maintained. Also, check the seal of the windows. If the seal is fixed tightly around the window panes, dust and debris will not enter the house.

Window Maintenance Step #2: Remove The Weather Stripping From The Windows

Verify the overall condition of the weather stripping that is placed around the windows. If the window stripping is not in a good condition, you must replace it. If you keep using the worn-out window stripping, then dust, debris, sound, and cold air will enter the house. This will also have an impact on the heating system of the house. The heating will not work efficiently. So if you need new weather stripping for your windows, get it. It will protect the home as well as the windows. You can easily reattach the strips and ensure the working efficiency of the strips.

Window Maintenance Step #3: Repair All Damages

You can hire a professional to inspect the current condition of your windows. Professionals will perform an inspection and identify any damages. Some damages can be repaired easily. If the damages are beyond repair, then you will have to replace the windows. Doing so will help you to maintain window strength and durability.

Window Maintenance Step #4: Plan To Install Storm Windows For Winter Protection

maintain window strength and durability

Storm windows are different from regular windows. Storm windows are designed with additional layers of protection. These windows will help you protect the house during winter storms, as well as from moisture and water leak situations. By installing storm windows, you can ensure the security of the home from changing weather conditions. Moreover, you can drastically reduce your energy bills. Storm windows should not have any gaps or cracks– they should prevent cold air from entering inside.

Window Maintenance Step #5: Inspect For Mold

Due to excessive water leaks, mold can grow around the windows. Clean the mold regularly. If you do not clean the mold, the area surrounding the windows will remain moist. This may lead to other severe issues in the house. You must get chemical cleaners to remove the mold and clean the area to keep the window area and nearby walls from degrading.


When getting windows inspected and repaired, ensure that you are hiring professionals. They have the required experience to check the condition of the windows and carry out proper repairs or replacements.