Two major components of a house are its roof and its siding. Typically, the roof gets more attention than the siding. Most homes have siding that can withstand harsh weather for many years. However, eventually siding might need to be repaired or replaced.

What are 6 things to know when installing new siding?

#1 Prepare The Home

When getting new siding installed it’s important to prepare the house for the installation process. You should trim all the long branches of nearby trees as well as trim the grass near the house and dispose of all nails, bolts, and staples that you find while trimming. By clearing everything around your house, you will make it easier for contractors to do their work. In the inside of the house, remove things hanging from the walls where siding will be replaced. If you have pets or kids, keep them away from the work area. Park your vehicles away from the house in order to give contractors more space to work.

#2 Inspect The Walls Where Siding Will Go

Before you get siding installed on the walls of a house, have a professional inspect the walls. The inspection will analyze the condition of the walls and help determine the course of action. For instance, you might learn that you only need a few small repairs. Or you might learn that you need a complete replacement.

#3 Install Insulation Before Siding

When you are getting new siding installed, you need to first take care of the insulation. If the old siding is removed, the insulation will come off with it. So, you will have to get new insulation installed for the new siding. You can get suggestions from professional siding contractors to know what type of insulation would be the best for your house’s walls and then get it installed professionally.

#4 Choose The Right Material For The Siding

siding materials

In today’s market, there are different types of material available for the siding of a house. You need to choose the material that is most suitable for your particular house; Ask professionals for their advice.

#5 Hire The Best Siding Contractors

professional siding contractors

When you are getting siding installed, hire the best siding contractors so that the work is handled professionally. You want quality work done, right? It’s better to hire professionals who do siding work for a living than to ask your son-in-law to attempt the work on weekends, especially if the son-in-law has no experience with siding.

#6 Keep Track Of Your Budget

Finally, keep track of your budget and make sure you can pay for all the things associated with siding installation, including material(s) cost, repairing of the walls, insulation installation, and labor cost(s)/the fees of the siding contractors. All these things should be considered when you are setting the budget for siding installation.


Siding installation is best done by professionals who know what they’re doing and have the expertise and tools to do the job the right way. In Minneapolis-St. Paul, you can trust SMC Construction to do your siding work professionally; Call 763-300-5519 for info.