Spring brings with it a sense of renewal as the winter weather disappears, and the days become sunnier and warmer. It’s a good time to do spring cleaning and make some changes around the house. Maybe it’s time to remodel your place? The type of home remodeling you choose depends on the stage of life you and your family are in. You may want to separate your children’s rooms because they are quickly growing into teenagers. Maybe you are planning on having a baby. In both instances, it is necessary to create extra space. Furthermore, an open-plan kitchen is a great idea for home remodeling if you want to entertain more. Regardless of your remodeling plans, you should ensure that space and lighting are your priorities. This is because these elements will make a difference in the functionality, feel and look of your home.

Here are 7 popular home remodeling ideas to consider…

1- Loft conversion

One of the easiest ways to add an extra bedroom to your home is by repurposing the loft. Opting for a loft conversion is cheaper than moving to another home with more rooms. Remodeling the loft of your home is worth the investment because it will help increase the overall value of your property.

If you do go ahead with your plans to do a loft conversion, make sure to get proper planning permission. You should also meet building regulations to avoid issues with the local government or HOA. Proceed with the plan when you’re sure it’s okay to do so, and consider adding additional insulation for the loft area when making it into a bedroom.

2- Add a sunroom or dining space

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Consider the functions of your dining space if you are planning on extending it. These functions will help you maximize the space and light when adding an addition to your home. By adding a sunroom to your home, for instance, you can significantly increase its value. In addition to adding a sunroom, extending your dining space in general is also a great idea. The extra space created will make your home a social hub where friends, family and guests can gather to chat and eat. When adding dining space, be sure to consider how light enters the room because it dramatically affects the space.

3- Upgrade your flooring

goal of remodeling your home

You can make an enormous difference in the value and look of your home by upgrading the flooring. In terms of functionality and style, take out your old, well-worn carpets and install large square tile and/or hardwood flooring. One good reason to do this is that carpet flooring is often outdated and germs thrive in carpets. If you’re a carpet-lover, there are eco-friendly options if you do your research.

Large floor tiles are a popular choice because they are clean, sharp-looking and functional. They are ideal for an active family as well as for an older couple. Upgrading the flooring of your home will likely give you the feel of a more open space in general. It can make a relatively small floor look and feel bigger.

4- Renovate your kitchen

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is also a place where people congregate to eat. Remodeling your kitchen is a good investment for this reason and more– it not only brings happiness to your household but also enhances the resale value of your property.

There are many possible finishes, layout designs and options for a kitchen. It is recommended that you go with your first instinct and what is stylish. Knocking down the walls of your kitchen to expand it may be an option. Adding a breakfast bar or a comfy seating area are other great remodeling ideas. This way, your kitchen can become a social hub for your family and others to enjoy.

5- Knock down a wall

Through remodeling, you can maximize your usable space. This is the general goal of remodeling your home. By knocking out a non-load-bearing wall, you can transform two smaller rooms into one. This will allow you to create one large, sociable space.

Please note that you should not go knocking out the walls of your home by yourself. Ensure that you get professional structural advice from an expert– and have a professional do the actual work.

6- Replace the windows

When thinking about remodeling ideas, consider how secure, warm and sound-proof your home currently is. If your home is not performing well in these areas, consider replacing your windows. To begin with, find windows that match your home’s style. You can enhance the sense of space and increase the quality of light in your home when the feel and look of new windows are “just right.”

Additionally, the placement of the windows you replace do not have to be in the exact same spots. If logistically possible, add extra windows– perhaps a skylight. You can also replace existing windows with French doors so you can easily access your gardens, back patio or deck. Making the openings of the new windows larger will bring more light into your home.

7- Incorporate fresh and bright colors

Incorporating fresh and bright colors is another simple way to change the look of your home in the springtime. If you have area rugs or accent pillows, select a small color from the designs. Repaint the walls of your home to match the color you have chosen.

You can also paint your walls with neutral colors. Colored accessories can be added to make the space more appealing in the spring. For example, try making use of vibrant and bold shades and hues.


Spring is not only a time for a transition to warmer weather, but also a good time to prepare your home for the months ahead. Want to remodel a part of your house? Call SMC Construction of Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, at 763-400-0251 to discuss your plans.