Does your house look dull and dingy? You can enhance the overall look of the house with new siding.

Most homeowners would first try to apply a fresh coat of paint to make their house look new. Painting is a good option, but really tedious. If you want to enhance the curb appeal of the house, you need something better. Painting the house frequently can be really expensive. The better alternative is to install new siding. Not only does new siding help maintain the structural integrity and safety of the house, but it also increases its value.

Most people avoid siding replacement because they assume it has a high cost of installation and maintenance. That is a myth.

Here are ways in which new siding will improve the appeal of your home…

#1 New Siding Makes Your House Look Modern

New Siding for home

Usually, old and dingy houses have shabby walls with mold growth all around them. The old siding looks bad and doesn’t function too well. Applying new siding will give your house a modern touch. The way people look at your house will change.

Replacing the old siding gives a vibrant, modern look to your house. It can make your house look brighter and bigger. With new siding, you will also have a chance to change the color of the house. Choose colors that have a brighter shade and go well with the architectural design of the house. Lighter shades will reflect heat and keep the house temperature cool, which, in turn, will also support keeping the utility bills low.

#2 Siding Will Cover Up Damages On The Walls

The house walls may have undergone various structural damages over time. These damages are often clearly visible to visitors. Walls can be cracked, patchy, pigmented/stained, show mold, etc. Painting the walls is not a long-term solution. New siding, however, offers a long-term solution to fix damages on the walls and keep them protected against the harsh climate. Once you install new siding, you do not have to worry about it for two or three decades.

#3 Choose A Unique And Timeless Siding Design

Have you heard of lap siding? It is a popular siding choice for different house designs. Lap siding is usually narrow, long, and has horizontal nailing. It is a versatile design and goes well with a range of architectural styles. It offers a timeless design to the house and enhances curb appeal. Maybe consider lap siding when you choose new siding!

#4 Choose Vinyl Siding To Focus On Durability Along With Curb Appeal

Vinyl Siding

Although every homeowner is looking to enhance the look of their house, it is also crucial to maintain the look (and function) for a long time. Siding is an investment, and you cannot afford to do it frequently. Vinyl siding is a popular choice for new siding since it lasts a long time and requires little or no maintenance. Meanwhile, it’s resistant to rusting and denting. Besides, vinyl is a versatile material used for siding. It has a wide range of color shades and goes well with every architectural design.


How can you improve the curb appeal of your house? The simple answer is to replace the old siding with new siding. Need siding work done on your Minnesota home? Call SMC Construction of Spring Lake Park, MN, at 763-400-0251 to schedule an inspection and/or discuss your siding needs.