Onyx showers are very simple to clean, but not everyone is skilled at doing so. You can do it yourself if you know how to clean an onyx shower and are willing to put in the time and effort.

Keep in mind that washing the onyx shower differs slightly from cleaning other bathtub components.

Because it is sensitive to abrasive cleansers and is made of stone, onyx cannot be cleaned in the same manner as other tub materials. Therefore, you couldn’t just start scrubbing with the identical material that was employed to clean porcelain, for instance.

You can, however, make use of a cleaner designed for natural stones like onyx.

Cleaning An Onyx Shower

Step 1: Prepare the shower

Prepare the shower

Shower caps, brushes, soap, shampoo, hand soaps and razors should all be removed from the shower area since they will obstruct the cleaning of the walls and floor.

After the shower is cleared, turn on the hot water and wait a few minutes. The moisture will make dirt and stains loosen up, making it simpler for you to scrub the shower’s walls and floor clean.

Step 2: Combine vinegar and water

Onyx may be cleaned using low concentrations of white vinegar. Combine vinegar and water in exactly equal amounts to get a 50/50 solution. This will eliminate soap scum and fight mildew simultaneously.

Step 3: Clean the shower

Clean the shower

Wipe off the shower walls and floor with a soft cloth dipped in your homemade solution. If it works better for you, you may also transfer the water-vinegar combination into a spray bottle. Circularly wipe the onyx surface after spraying the solution on it and letting it sit for around 30 minutes.

Step 4: Continue if necessary

If required, repeat the procedure. Waiting 15 minutes after applying the solution will improve its efficacy on tough stains. Make it more efficient by including a gentle cleanser.

To stop hard water stains from appearing over time, clean your shower often. Otherwise, cleaning these residues and ugly stains will take more time and effort.

Step 5: Completely rinse the onyx shower surface

Rinse the surface with water once the stains and dirt have been removed. Your shower door should be cleaned as well as the walls and/or floor.

How Can Stains Be Removed from Onyx?

Use mild soap and a moist, soft cloth to wipe off the surface to remove stains from onyx countertops or showers. Pick ‘green’ soaps or dishwashing detergents that are pH-neutral. While common home cleaners might help in stain removal, most of them are acidic and damaging to onyx.

What Cleaner Removes Onyx Stains the Best?

A gentle shower cleanser that is safe for natural stone can be used. Pour one capful each of vinegar and Dawn dish soap into a spray bottle for a homemade recipe. Shake the container slightly, then dispense water from the remaining portion over the surface. Your onyx shower may be safely and effectively cleaned with this DIY solution.


It’s a good idea to clean your onyx shower, making sure you use materials and solutions that won’t harm it. If you have any questions about cleaning an onyx shower, call SMC Construction at 763-400-0251 for more information.