Every homeowner dreams of having a beautiful and organized house. When it comes to making your house look and feel more spacious, here is a simple solution to add extra space to the house– renovate the attic!

People who try to do an attic renovation on their own tend to make a lot of mistakes. Here is a list of common attic renovation mistakes to avoid…

Mistake #1: Having No Proper Plan For An Attic Renovation

When you have decided to get your attic renovated, then it is important to have a proper plan of action. With the help of a plan, you get a clear picture of what things you need to accomplish. Some people are just looking for extra space, but some homeowners have different objectives or goals. Are your ideas practically feasible or not? If they are not, the whole space could end up being a mess!

Mistake #2: Not Giving Proper Attention To The Ventilation & Insulation Of The House

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Every homeowner should understand that the attic is not just like any other room in the house, and thus it has to be given special consideration. When getting your attic renovated, you need to give attention to the installation of the insulation and ensure that the ventilation is fixed in the right direction. The attic area is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the entire house and keeping it energy-efficient throughout the year. Besides, proper ventilation and insulation in the attic will make sure that your HVAC system works well.

Mistake #3: Neglecting The Stairs

Generally, when homeowners are getting the attic renovated or revamped, they tend to forget the stairs. Stairs are essential so that the attic region becomes accessible to the family members in an easy way. When incorporating the stairs, there usually need to be some changes in the existing living area as well. If you entirely ignore the stairs during the attic renovation, this could create a problem later on. Once the renovation is done, incorporating the stairs would be a tedious task not just for you but also for professionals. It could make the renovation project expensive as well.

Mistake #4: Poor Lighting

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Just improving the furniture in the attic and making it organized is not enough for making the area look and feel spacious. You should incorporate proper lighting in the attic so that the room looks large; Make sure you are making use of bright light to make the room appear bigger.


Attic renovation can add usable space to your current house. Is it a DIY job? No. It’s best left to skilled and experienced home renovation professionals. Avoid making mistakes by hiring professionals who are familiar with attic renovations, like SMC Construction.