What comes to mind when you consider the most crucial components of your house? The roof and siding are key, right? But what about windows? When it comes to maintaining the efficiency of the house, windows play an important role. The windows help in improving the energy efficiency of the home by reducing overall energy consumption. Winter is the right time when you should start focusing on the windows of your home. After all, you don’t want broken windows letting freezing cold air into your home during February, right?

How often do windows need to be replaced in Minnesota? What should you be on the lookout for?

#1 When You See Cracks In The Frames And Panes Of The Windows

Cracks in Windows

When you see cracks in the frames and panes of the windows that you cannot cover with weather strips, it’s time to replace them. If the cracks are small, you can get the help of a professional to repair them. But if you can see the broken frames or sash, then repairing it will not fix the issue. The cracks will let the cold outside air enter the house and the warm inside air will escape out. This will change the temperature inside the house and make it uncomfortable for your family. Especially in winter, when the outside air will enter the house, it will lower the temperature of the house drastically. The broken frame or pane will not only destroy the aesthetic appeal of your home but also compromise its energy efficiency.

#2 If The Window Glass Is Fogged

Can you notice fog in the window panes? This is usually a common phenomenon with double-layer or triple-layered windows. The fog develops in the window panes because of condensation. Due to excessive snowfall or rainfall, moisture in the air gets trapped in between the layers of the window. The fog keeps building up if there is a crack or hole in the windows. The presence of fog in the window panes indicates that the windows are not working efficiently and need to be replaced.

#3 The Frames Of The Windows Have Become Soft

Solve Windows Issue

This is another reason that you should get your windows replaced. Often, wooden windows absorb moisture that is present in the air. If the wooden sills absorb excessive moisture for a long period, the moisture will rot the wood. Moreover, you could see the growth of mold and mildew around the window frames. But how will you know when to replace the windows? While inspecting the windows, try to touch the frames and check for softness. If the wooden frames are soft and do not have rigidity, they are no longer useful. You should get the windows replaced before it’s too late.

#4 You Notice A Sharp Increase In Utility Bills

Due to changing weather conditions, you have to overuse the HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. With the HVAC system, you can manage the proper cooling and heating of your rooms. But the efficiency of the system depends on the performance of the windows, doors, roof, and siding. If you observe a sudden spike in utility bills, there is a good chance that you might be having issues with the roof, siding, or windows.


Apart from siding and roofs, you should also pay attention to the windows of the house. They play a major role in maintaining the energy efficiency of the home. Moreover, with the help of windows, you can keep the temperature inside the house comfortable. If you are in Minnesota and wish to replace your windows, consult the experts at SMC Construction. Their experts can guide you through the entire window replacement process. Call 763-300-5519 for more information.