How To Prepare Your Roof For Thunderstorms

The ever-changing climate has a huge impact on both the condition and health of your roofing system. Due to harsh weather conditions, your roof can undergo a lot of wear and tear, sometimes leading to water leakage as well as damage to the structural integrity of the roof.

Every homeowner needs to care about their roof. There are certain things you can do to prepare your roof for harsh weather, including thunderstorms, so it can “weather the storm well.” Here are some tips…

#1 Remove Or Trim The Branches Of Nearby Trees:

Remove Or Trim The Branches Of Nearby Trees

The best thing that you can do to keep your roof safe during a thunderstorm is to cut off all overhanging tree branches of nearby trees. Although trees enhance the look of the surrounding area and make your house look beautiful, they’re not beneficial to the roof.

During thunderstorms, heavy tree branches may break and fall on the roof. This can severely damage the shingles, gutters, and flashing as well as cause damage to the underlying roof framework. Therefore, hire tree cutters to trim up trees near your roof.

#2 Get Your Rain Gutters Cleaned And Improve The Functioning Of The Drain Spouts:

Whether it is a thunderstorm or hailstorm, you would not want the gutters to get clogged and cause water to leak inside the house. To prevent clogs, inspect the gutters. Remove dry debris with a blower. Use a water hose to get rid of stubborn dirt and debris.

When you clean the gutters, you will also see if there are any issues that need to be fixed. Besides this, you can make use of roofing cement to seal the gutters perfectly to the roof so that during a thunderstorm they do not come off. Maintaining the gutters and downspouts will help in reducing the amount of water damage due to a storm since rainwater will get properly drained off the roof and away from the house.

#3 Get The Roof Cleaned:

Get The Roof Cleaned

Usually, when it comes to cleaning, you would not only clean the gutters but also the entire roofing area! Get dirt, mold, and other “junk” off your roof in order to make it clean and clear of debris. After cleaning, you can get the roof professionally inspected to know its exact condition. If there is any repair work needed, you can have it done by professional contractors.

#4 Talk With A Professional About Roof Preparation:

Talk with professional roofing contractors and ask them how best to prepare your particular roof for thunderstorms. Professional roofing contractors are highly experienced in dealing with such situations. They can provide you with insight to help you prepare the roof for thunderstorms and other severe weather.

#5 Keep Your Insurance Company/Agency Well Informed:

If and when thunderstorms do cause damage to your roof, it’s best to talk with your insurance company/agent and tell them what happened. Take photos if possible, which can be emailed to the company. Verify documents. Perhaps file a claim.


Thunderstorms can be treacherous. Think of all the wind and rain, as well as thunder and lightning involved in a storm. Afterward, you’ll want to check your roof for any signs of damage. Better yet, do a couple things to prepare your roof to be in its best condition if and when thunderstorms do occur. Professional roofing contractors can help clean and/or inspect your roof before or after storms.