Historic homes are heritage symbols that define the structural and architectural aesthetic of a bygone era. If an individual is the owner of a historic home, then they truly understand the reward of owning such properties. Historic homes are not just beautiful in their own way, but they also have the potential to preserve history within their walls. Caretakers of such homes have a great responsibility to maintain these structures’ historic integrity. So, when it comes to renovating a historic home or replacing any structural component of such homes, work has to be performed with sincerity, accuracy, and precision. Working on historic properties is a challenge, and the slightest mistake is not affordable!

When it comes to replacing the windows of historic homes, keep these things in mind…

#1 Understand Whether There Is A Requirement For Window Replacement(s) Or Repairs

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Do you need to repair the windows or get them replaced? When making this decision, you need to keep three things in mind, including the current performance of the windows, aesthetics, and the type of maintenance or labor needed for repairs/replacement. Minor issues can probably be repaired, but major issues, where windows are no longer energy-efficient, typically require replacement. Replacing older windows gives a home a nice “facelift.”

#2 Understand The Requirements Of “The Historic Society”

In your area, and in general, the “historic society” likes to keep things looking the way they originally looked in order to help preserve the past. With that in mind, you should  understand the rules and regulations set by your area’s historic society. If you’re changing the components of the house, accuracy and precision should be maintained. For instance, 12-pane windows should be replaced with 12-pane windows. New windows should not be low quality. The same type of window (single-hung, bay, casement, etc.) should replace the old window so the house maintains its historic look.

#3 Maintain The Authenticity Of Historic Homes

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It is understood that if the windows are no longer serving their primary purpose of protecting the house or enhancing the look of it, then the windows need to be replaced. When doing so, you need to make sure that the authenticity of the historic home is maintained. According to the architecture, you can incorporate modern conveniences to give a new look to the house. For example, you can blend wooden windows with divided panes to enhance the look of the house, and, in this way, the authenticity of the house would not be disturbed. Basically, you don’t want to make drastic changes, but a couple minor changes might be acceptable.

#4 Blend Modern Technology

If you are the owner of a historic home and wish to have the convenience provided by modern technology then you can easily have it. All you have to do is utilize “Low-E coated glass,” which makes your new windows more energy-efficient than your old ones. This gives a modern touch to the windows of your historic home.


When getting the windows of a historic home repaired or replaced, make sure that you are hiring professional home improvement contractors. Professional home improvement contractors are highly skilled and have working knowledge of historic homes and how their repairs and replacements need to be performed. SMC Construction can handle window repairs and replacements for historic homes.