Onyx is one of the most attractive alternatives available when it comes to selecting a natural stone. However, just by looking at it, it appears to be expensive, especially after learning that it is a precious natural stone. But what benefits and drawbacks come with having an onyx shower?

Pros of Onyx for Bathroom Showers

#1 Simple and easy installation

#1 Simple and easy installation

Because shower bases are prebuilt, the initial layer of expert installation is less expensive than alternative options. Onyx can be installed simply and easily.

#2 Onyx lasts a long time

Many onyx bathroom accessories come with warranties ranging from ten years to a lifetime. This is mostly because of the Mohs grade of the material, which makes it more durable than normal stone. It should endure roughly as long as marble or as a natural stone.

#3 Onyx has a wide range of colors

#3 Onyx has a wide range of colors

Onyx is frequently a transparent natural stone. Its versatility is greatly increased by this translucence, leading to a wide range of color possibilities. You may obtain onyx in practically any color you can imagine through the appropriate contracting business.

#4 You don’t have to worry about grout lines

Since onyx is made of solid stone, it is delivered as a whole object. Because it is manufactured in a fabrication plant, even the solid surface section has no grout lines.

Cons of Onyx for Bathroom Showers

#1 Onyx material prices are more expensive than alternatives

Onyx is more expensive than marble but is still superior; Your onyx shower will often cost you at least $700 more compared to other shower selections.

Keep in mind that onyx is often less expensive than other natural stones since it has a solid surface component.

#2 Repair work for onyx surfaces is quite expensive

Repairs are difficult if you have to worry about repairing onyx panels and getting perfect replacements. Finding someone who works with onyx might be difficult because it is a unique stone that isn’t used in many homes.

As a result, you wind up having to spend more to have someone come to your house to fix something. Repairs are far more expensive than alternative methods, despite the installation being simple and reasonably priced.

#3 Fragile onyx panels

Onyx panels are still a delicate and extremely breakable material, despite the installation procedure being simpler. The hardness grade ensures that the surface won’t scratch easily, though cutting onyx into panels could cause it to shatter. A distinctive feature of onyx is that these panels work best for bathroom wall installations.

#4 Maintenance must be done with care

Onyx surfaces should not be cleaned using bleach-based cleaners purchased over the counter. The suggested cleaning method uses warm, soapy water without the use of harsh chemicals.


Onyx is a stunning and opulent addition to your house when it comes to designing your ideal bathroom. For more info, please call SMC Construction of Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, at 763-400-0251.