Roofing_ Common Problems And How To Fix Them

Roofs are usually strong and sturdy. They protect your house from all sorts of things, including weather and animals. Even the strongest and best roofs can experience “issues,” because nothing in life is perfect. Sometimes there will be problems requiring repairs. It’s important to have your roof professionally inspected annually in order to see what’s truly going on “up there.” Meanwhile, there are certain common problems that happen to roofs. These problems need fixing, and while some opt to “do it themselves,” ideally it’s best to hire professionals for roof repairs.

So what are common roof problems?

#1 Water Leaks From The Roof:

Water leak issues are one of the most common roof problems that can cause a lot of trouble to homeowners. There can be several reasons or causes behind the water leak issues, such as cracks in the flashing, broken roof edges, missing or damaged shingles, cracks in the gutters, and/or broken roof pipes.
Water leaks can destroy the underlying wooden framework of the roof and also cause damage to the home’s ceiling(s) and interior walls.

How To Fix:

In order to know that there is a water leak problem, you can check the ceiling of the attic and look for water stains. Now inspect the roof and verify whether the water leak issue is a major or minor one. For minor issues, use roofing cement to cover up cracks and damages and seal the roof edges. But if the damage is major, you should get help from a professional roofing contractor.

#2 The Flashing Around The Chimney Is Damaged:

The Flashing Around The Chimney Is Damaged

This is yet another common problem of the roofing system that can lead to major and expensive roof repairs. Flashing is basically used for sealing the gaps that are around the chimney or skylight. Besides this, it is also used for covering up loose roof pipe fixtures and keeping them intact. You can inspect the flashing by closely observing all the pipes and chimney area and analyze whether there is a crack or not.

How To Fix:

If the flashing in any part of the roofing system is broken, you must get it replaced with new flashing. While putting on the new flashing, you would have to remove some of the surrounding shingles or old flashing and then apply the new flashing. If you think that you are unable to do this, then get help from professionals.

#3 Formation Of Ice Dams:

Formation Of Ice Dams

Winters can be brutal! You might have already experienced that ice dams are really harmful to gutters and the entire roofing system. Ice dams get formed in the gutters when debris from the roof and the debris present in the gutter clog the free flow of water and then the water freezes during the winter. The block of ice becomes heavy and exerts pressure on the gutters. Due to this, the gutter may either develop major cracks or completely break off from the roof! This leads to water leak issues. You can easily check the condition of the gutters by climbing the roof and inspecting them.

How To Fix:

You must keep the roof and gutters clean by regularly removing debris and washing both the roof and your gutters. If there’s a water clogging problem or ice dams have routinely formed in the gutter, you should get professional help from contractors who can assess the situation and make proper repairs.


Most people don’t think too much about the roof over their heads… until they notice a leak in the house, right? Many things can go wrong with a roof, even if it’s strong and new. After all, weather can be severe, and storms can definitely do damage. That said, some of the common roof problems include water leaks, broken or cracked flashing, and ice dams. Sometimes a homeowner can fix problems on their own, but, in general, most homeowners prefer to leave the job to a professional like the contractors at SMC.