Signs Your Building Needs Commercial Re-Roofing

For commercial buildings, roofs are considered the most essential components. Roofs are specifically designed to be extremely sturdy and strong so that they can offer protection from the changing climate and changing weather conditions. Besides providing immense protection, the roofs are also known to improve the visual appearance of commercial buildings. Along with this, the roofs are great for keeping the temperature inside the building perfect and comfortable.

But if you want the roofs to work efficiently till the end of their service life, it is essential to get them regularly inspected and well-maintained. If you are not monitoring the condition of the commercial roofs on a regular basis, then within a short period, you would have to get work done on either expensive repairs or get the roofs replaced.

How will you know that you need to get the roofs of the commercial building replaced or you need a commercial re-roofing?

Well, here are some of the most important signs that will help you to know whether you need to get the commercial re-roofing done or not.

#1 The Age Factor Of The Roof Needs To Be Considered: 

Usually, all roofs have an average service life based on the roof material and the wear and tear it has to withstand. Commercial roofs are said to last for approximately 50 to 60 years; after that, they start deteriorating in their functional efficiency and the quality of the roofing components. So once you know that the commercial roofs are nearing the end of the service life, you must plan out the roof installation and finalize the budget for it. If you are ignoring this factor and keep using the roof beyond its service age, then it would lead to a potentially hazardous situation of the roof collapsing or spend huge amounts of money on frequent repairs.

#2 The Presence Of Saggy Spots On The Roofs:

The Presence Of Saggy Spots On The Roofs

This is not a secret that commercial roofs get completely drenched with water from heavy rainfall, melting snow, or even hailstones. If this water does not get dried out properly then it gets collected in the nooks and corners of the roof. This will make the roofs extremely saggy. You could easily observe the signs of the saggy roofs when you inspect the roofs — the edges of the roofs would be drooping from all the sides. Even the joists and rafters would become shaky or unstable. These are the most important warning signs that indicate that you need to get the new commercial roof for the building. You must get the roofs replaced before the sagging covers the entire area and causes huge damage to the building.

#3 The Uncontrolled Growth Of Moss And Mildew: 

The Uncontrolled Growth Of Moss And Mildew

Due to the presence of stagnant water on the roof, it becomes easy for the moss and mildew to grow. Within a short period, you could see that the moss and mildew have covered the entire roof. Due to this, the structural integrity of the roof can become weak and lead to water clogging and leakage issues. So while carrying out a roof inspection, if you can observe the presence of moss and mildew covering the entire portion of the roof, then it is a telltale sign that you need to get the roofs replaced immediately.

#4 The Presence Of Bubbles And Blistering On The Shingles:

According to the roofing professionals and experts, the shingles on the topmost layer of the roof must never have bubbles. The bubbles or blistering signs show that the roof ventilation is not proper, and the heat that is escaping from the building is getting trapped inside the shingles. This trapped heat can turn into water droplets and moisture, which will deteriorate the quality of the shingles over time. The blistering and bubbles will not only cause damage to the shingles but also to the underlying roofing area. This will have a huge impact on the structural integrity of the roofs and even cause damage to the building. Once again, it is an indication that you need to give a thought to the commercial roof replacement.


If you have already decided to get commercial re-roofing, then it is better to hire professional roofing contractors. They are knowledgeable, qualified, and experienced to perform such important tasks. Moreover, they have the skills and the right equipment to carry out the work with perfection.