When people think of home renovation projects they usually think of indoor projects, like remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. What about remodeling the exterior of a house to make it look more modern?

What are some tips on how to modernize your exterior via remodeling?

#1 Modern Style/Design Element — Panel Siding

panel siding

Panel siding is elegant, and it imparts a modern look to your home’s exterior. Panel siding will appear as visual lines on the house — visual lines that are long and wide. You have the flexibility of choosing different orientations of the panel and can even give a customized look to it. With proper customization, you will be able to give a unique look to your home’s exterior. You can get different types of panels with different colors. You can choose a transition panel or get a more sophisticated look by adding blinds.

#2 Focus On Neutrals That Are Bold

Usually people think that neutral colors are boring and do not add anything to a house. However, neutrals have become bold now! The bold neutrals refer to whites, grays, black, and sometimes beige. If you want to add modern style to your house, then opting for bold neutrals is a good idea. Bold black is especially popular as of late. You can also choose night gray or iron gray. Then there are bold but warm neutrals available in shades of white and beige. These colors give homes a rich look.

#3 Curating Essential Accents To Add A Modern Touch To The Exterior

Modern designs of the house generally refer to a “less-is-more” attitude or minimalistic approach. Basically, you don’t want your home’s exterior to look cluttered. Add a couple accents for modern flair, such as lighting the windows and front door (at night) or using modern fonts for house numbers or your family name on the house, etc.

#4 Improve The Look Of The Driveway/Walkway

house exterior renovation

Having an unorganized and shabby driveway destroys the look of a house. To improve the driveway (or walkway), line it with modern stones or ornamental plants.


A home’s exterior is the first thing that gets noticed by guests. Similarly, when you come up your driveway or take a turn and see your house, you should feel a sense of peace and happiness. Maybe it’s time to upgrade the exterior of your house with new paneling, a new color scheme, borders and/or ornamental plants? SMC Construction can help you modernize the exterior look of your house.