If you’re a homeowner you think about your roof once in a while. You wonder how it’s doing, especially when there’s harsh weather in the area. While most roofs are sturdy and designed to withstand the elements, they do encounter problems sometimes. That’s why it’s a smart idea to have a professional inspection now and then to check to see what’s really going on “up there.”

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What are some top tips from experts that will help you handle common roofing issues? Here are some…

#1 Handling Damaged And Blown-Off Shingles

common roofing issues

If you are a resident of Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, you are aware of the weather conditions of this area. The shingles of the roof may get damaged due to several reasons including heavy rainfall, strong winds or hail storms. Due to such weather, shingles get blown off or the shingles develop blisters and bubbles on the surface. Maybe it’s time for new shingles. SMC Construction can assess your shingle situation and make repairs or replacements as needed.

#2 Handling The Overgrowth Of Moss And Mildew

roof cleaning

When water and moisture from rainfall and snowfall get trapped in/on the shingles, moss grows. The growth of moss is harmful to the health of the roof. It will destroy the structural integrity of the roof. Moss (and mildew) will damage the roof underlayment and cause water leak issues. If you neglect the water leak issues for a prolonged period, this may lead to the roof sagging or the entire roof could even collapse.

To prevent the growth of moss (and mildew), keep the roof clean and dry. It is good to get the roof cleaned every couple months.

#3 Keeping Tabs On The Roof Flashing

The flashing, typically attached around the chimney, helps keep water out of your house. If the flashing gets damaged there will be a water leak. You may need to have it repaired or replaced.

#4 Handling Holes In The Roofing System

When shingles get blown off, the roof underlayment area is exposed to the scorching sun and harsh weather. The roof underlayment may develop holes. These holes are usually very small and sometimes not visible to our eyes. However, these holes lead to water leak issues in the house. In the initial stage, water will drip at a slow rate. But when the problem aggravates, you’ll know it! Holes should be fixed before they get out of hand.


If you live in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, and are experiencing roofing issues, contact SMC Construction. The professional staff at SMC Construction are highly experienced and have the skills to handle all kinds of roofing issues. They will inspect your roof and fix the concerns without any hassle.