Roofs have been made with the best design and materials to ensure they can withstand storms. However, they wear out as time goes on. Some signs become noticeable as the wear takes place.

What Is An Emergency Roof Repair?

What Is An Emergency Roof Repair

As compared to other home upgrade projects, any roof repair should be considered urgent. This is because not attending to the issue on time may lead to severe damage to your property. There are different levels to the need for an emergency roof repair, and here are some examples:

  • A branch, tree, or other wind-borne object causes a hole in your roof
  • Blown off roof flashing or shingles cause major leakage points
  • Fire damages some sections of your roof

When do you need emergency roof repairs?

roof repairs

There are many obvious signs indicating an emergency roof repair is required. The signs will point to a weakened roofing system as a result of a storm or any other element.

Below are obvious signs that you need an emergency roof repair…

1- Dripping and discoloring on internal ceilings

Severe storms can last days! Your roof may begin to discolor as a result. If this is the case, you may start experiencing roof leaks which can grow in size if the bad weather remains persistent. This can lead to a massive flow of water into the ceiling of your home. Ponding will begin to form on the internal underlayment which is protecting the ceiling. This is due to the underlayment being overwhelmed by the constant rain. This will also cause water to drip along sections of your internal ceiling. To prevent further damage to the internal ceilings of your home, call a professional to do emergency roof repairs.

2- Puddles on the floor

The presence of puddles inside your property is the most obvious sign of rain entering your home. There is a small leak in your home if your flooring starts to show moisture. Going by this, puddling is an indication that the internal roof damage could be massive in the affected area.

To ensure that your property is not damaged if a storm persists, catch water in the leaking section by using buckets. This will ensure that your floor does not get damaged. Moreover, catching water is the most helpful solution for carpeted floors. Additionally, you will need to perform emergency roof repairs to prevent further ceiling leaks.

3- Moistened and paint-peeled walls

The paint and material of your wall will be damaged by a water leak. Inspect the walls of your home for water stains; To prevent paint damage, use a dry cloth to dry the wall(s) as best you can. Unfortunately, it is difficult to identify roof leaks causing the running of water on the walls.

Wall stains are a sign that the leak is close to a damaged section of your roof. Conducting a quick emergency roof repair will help to minimize wall moisture damage. However, you should get a professional roofer to help with the issue to prevent further damage. Experts can inspect the wall and reinforce areas that have been infiltrated by water.

4- Multiple leak spots

An obvious sign that your roof has suffered extensive damage is the presence of dripping and multiple discolorations such that you have multiple leak spots. Water will begin to penetrate several sections with time, causing more and more leaks. To avoid this, ensure that you conduct emergency roof repair.

5- Immense external roof damage

Make it a point to inspect your roof after storms. If you notice immense external roof damage, call for help!

All roofing materials, regardless of the quality of the material, can theoretically “give in” to a severe storm. If not addressed in time, storm damage can be massive to the point that you will need to replace your entire roof. Unlike roof repairs, replacement is more expensive, and you must do all you can to avoid it.


Minnesota storms can be brutal; They can cause terrible storm damages to people’s homes, including their roofs. If you’ve got water coming into the house through the roof and/or your ceiling, you’ve got issues that need prompt attention. Call SMC Construction of Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, at 763-400-0251 for emergency roof repair services.