When remodeling a bathroom, there are many choices to be made because it is a very important space in the house. It makes sense that redesigning the bathroom can be a challenge. If and when you decide to redo your bathroom and you want it to be luxurious, choose items from The Onyx Collection.

Onyx is a brand as well as a type of material; The product is comparable to Corian, but Onyx has a proprietary mix that makes it incredibly resistant to hard water, which is frequently an issue for bathroom surfaces. Shower pans, shower wall surrounds and vanity tops may all be made of onyx.

Onyx Collection

Shower bottoms, shower discs, bath transformations, lavatories, tub borders, fireplace hearths, slabs, chairs, trims and other shower accessories are all included in the Onyx line. Dealers throughout the country have access to this collection.

Any bathroom can be customized to precisely what you desire. The vast array of possibilities offered by The Onyx Collection is one of its major benefits. The range is built to your requirements and may be made in practically any size, form and color for you and your refurbished bathroom needs.

Onyx is extremely and easily accessible. Accessibility is a major factor to consider when remodeling a bathroom if you have young children, elderly parents or are becoming older yourself. The onyx series allows for accessibility to be included from the start. For instance, there are alternatives with low-profile and even sloped curbs when picking your shower tray to make stepping in and out quite simple. Grab bars and shower benches are also available from Onyx, and they will perfectly complement your shower walls. This makes the shower more accessible for people with limited mobility without sacrificing beauty or a lovely finish.

Onyx Collection

Every little thing has been considered. Some bathroom sets just include the actual bathroom fixtures. The onyx collection differs from this in some ways. The collection contains a wide choice of accessories in addition to your shower and other essentials so that everything may be mixed and matched. Trims, towel bars, marble top accents, splash guards, robe rings, drains, shower drape rails and toilet paper hooks are all part of the accessories collection. Every single aspect of this collection has been carefully considered, and it is possible to select pieces that precisely match one another and satisfy all of your bathroom demands.

Storage addition is simple. Since most bathrooms aren’t very big yet need to store things like towels, extra toilet paper, prescriptions and other things, storage is crucial. Your bathroom may soon appear cluttered and disorganized due to all those items. Onyx, however, makes it simple to include storage space that matches your bathroom. To ensure that it blends seamlessly with your shower walls for a stylish finish, the onyx shower caddies are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and finishes.


The Onyx Collection will make your bathroom look and feel luxurious. For more information, call SMC Construction of Spring Lake Park, MN, at 763-400-0251.