Do you own historic home? Are you in charge of taking care of a historic home? If so, you know how important maintenance is, and that applies to everything from the roof to the siding and then some. Interestingly, people often forget about the windows of historic homes, even though they’re so prominent and add to the visual aesthetic. At some time, you might have to repair or replace your historic home windows. Ideally, with historic homes, it usually makes sense to just replace old windows rather than repair them.

What are some reasons to replace rather than repair older windows in historic homes? Here are some reasons…

#1 Replace The Single-Pane Windows Of Historic Homes

Window Replacement for Historic Homes

If you come across any historic home, you would usually see that they use single-pane windows. They were considered standard a long time ago.

Single-pane windows do not offer high strength and they also lack insulation. When the insulation is missing, it means that the windows are not energy-efficient. Moreover, they do not have sound protection or resistance from the UV rays of the sun.

When you replace old windows with new ones, you can enhance the energy efficiency and protection of historic homes. Modern windows are available with multiple panes so that the houses can be protected from harsh climatic conditions. The new windows will help maintain a cozy temperature inside the house throughout the year.

#2 Replace The Wooden Frames With Modern Frame Material

Usually, when you come across different historic homes, you would notice that their window frames are made from classic wood. Although wood window panes make historic homes look beautiful, they are not always a good option. Wooden frames are susceptible to fire and rot. If the windows are not maintained, they won’t last long. By replacing the windows, you can get durable frames made of new material(s) providing strength and heat resistance.

#3 New Windows Improve The Overall Visual Aesthetic

Windows Improve Visual Aesthetic

At some point in time, you need to restore the overall look of a historic home. If you keep using the older window frames and panes, they will not match modern changes to the renovated historic home. So, get new windows to improve the overall visual look and feel of the place.

Understanding The Difference Between Window Replacement And Repairing Them

Repairing old windows will only protect the windows for a while. It will not help in increasing the strength of the windows or making them energy-efficient.


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