Northeast Minneapolis Monroe Attic Buildout

This job was one of the most challenging build outs we have done there was just no space for anything and any materials had to come in through the window or the narrow steep stairway. The floor and the ceiling was framed not for future use when it was built so we had to add new flooring that can hold the floor and the people, we had to bring out our structural engineer and have some outside of the box thinking on how to get this done and not lose so much precious head room that was needed. We insulated it with a closed cell foam system due to more restrictions we have encountered but that was our best way to get our R value in the walls and the ceilings. We installed drywall and painted the walls with white trim and few built-ins for the toys and books storage. We installed the new Pella windows and carpet for the flooring. All of the struggles of the project resulted with one happy father who got an office space, one happy mother who got her exercise room, and the most important one was a one little girl who got her playroom with all of her stuffy friends.