Roofs are an integral part of commercial and residential buildings. The roofing system in a commercial structure is essential to provide protection against harsh weather conditions. The commercial roof ensures that the people inside the building are safe. It also helps maintain an optimum temperature to keep the environment cool inside the structure. But, keep in mind that a roofing system has certain limitations. It endures weather 24/7 throughout the year. It undergoes damage and wears/tear. If you want to extend the life and efficiency of a commercial roof, keep it well-maintained. If you neglect regular inspection and maintenance of your commercial roof, be ready for expensive repairs or the need for roof replacement.

How Can You Protect Your Commercial Roof From Severe Weather?

What are some things you can do to help maintain your roof and protect it from the ever-changing weather, which includes storms? Here are some ideas…

#1 Schedule Regular Inspection And Maintenance For Your Commercial Roof

Commercial Roof Maintanance

The most crucial thing to do is to schedule an inspection and regular maintenance of your roof. With an inspection, the roofing contractor will make you familiar with the actual condition of the roof. If there are any minor damages, they can be repaired and this means you are preventing the aggravation of a problem. If the damages are beyond repair, you might need to opt for roof replacement. With maintenance, however, you can fix cracks and cover-up damages in order to increase the service life of the roof. You can schedule an inspection and maintenance work after every season, and this will prepare and strengthen your commercial roof for upcoming seasonal changes.

#2 Keep The Roof Clean

Usually, roofs are covered with dust, critters, dead leaves, twigs, branches, bird droppings, and other debris. If you do not clean the debris off the roof, it will be stuck on the surface of the shingles and decay. Moreover, it will not let the shingles perform efficiently.

Decaying debris can attract the growth of mold and mildew. If mold starts growing on the roof, it can be hard to control it. Within a short span of time, mold will likely cover the entire roof and could easily cause a water leak. You don’t want this, so keep your roof clean.

#3 Protect The Gutters And Downspouts

The role of the gutters is to keep the roof clean and dry. Debris often gets collected in the gutters. Increasing amounts of debris during the rainy/wet seasons can clog the gutters. When this happens, overflowing water will likely penetrate inside the walls and ceiling(s). Moreover, the water will exert pressure on the gutters and make them develop cracks. If the gutters do not function efficiently, they will damage the roof’s underpayment and interfere with the ventilation. This will have a direct impact on the insulation of your commercial building.

#4 Protect The Flashing

Flashing is the protective layer placed around the chimney. Basically, it joins two different sections of the roof. It prevents water from entering the roof underpayment and ceiling. If the flashing gets damaged due to bad weather, it cannot prevent the penetration of water in the house.

Water leaks are the worst for the roofing system and the house! Water rots the supporting wood and may lead to the roof sagging. It is best to protect the flashing with protective seals. Choose the best, high-quality seal(s) to protect the flashing around your chimneys.

#5 Trim The Branches Of Nearby Trees

Due to high winds, heavy rainfall, and stormy weather, nearby tree branches can fall on the roof and cause severe damage. Ideally, you should make sure long tree branches get trimmed, so they’re nowhere near your commercial roof!

#6 Hire The Best Roofing Contractors For Inspection & Maintenance Work

Hire Roofing Contractor

You don’t want an amateur with limited experience inspecting or maintaining your commercial roof. Instead, you want to hire the best roofing contractors for that sort of work. Look for contractors who are professional and have the knowledge, skills, tools, and experience to handle various roofing repairs. Besides this, professional roofing contractors must have an authorized license to provide commercial roofing services.


Do you own or manage a commercial building in Minnesota? If so, when was the last time a professional inspected the roof? Have you maintained your roof over the years? It might be time for an inspection and/or repair work. Call SMC Construction of Spring Lake Park, MN, at 763-400-0251 to schedule an inspection and/or discuss your commercial roofing needs.