When anyone takes a look at a commercial building, what is the first thing they notice? Most of us would say it’s the exterior design or the visual appeal of the commercial building. For almost all commercial buildings, the external appearance matters.

When’s the last time your Minneapolis-area building was renovated? Maybe it’s time to call SMC Construction to do some exterior upgrades.

Here are some reasons why commercial exterior renovation is important

#1 Visually Appealing Design Attracts More Customers

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When your commercial building has a high-quality exterior design, it shows that you are ready to serve your customers. Visually appealing design helps attract customers to your place; They’re more apt to notice (and want to visit) a building that looks great than one that looks rundown. Think about how you choose where to do business– would you rather go to a building that looked “nice and new” or one that looks “sketchy and abandoned?”

#2 Improve Operational Efficiency

commercial building exterior remodel

Every business has their own flow of work as well as various operations. When you renovate the exterior of a commercial building, you can have modifications done to increase the ease of work and thereby improve the productivity and efficiency of the staff. For instance, maybe it’s time to move the main loading/dock door to a new place so you’re not going out of your way to ship things out of the building.

#3 Improve Your Branding

Is your brand “old and tired?” Businesses must adapt to the market every few years in order to thrive and survive. Renovating the exterior of the building can help improve your branding by communicating to people that you’re up-to-date with who you are and what you do. It’s a chance to make changes to your logo or color scheme.

#4 Improve The Safety Of The Building

When renovating the exterior, you can improve walkways, landscaping, and enhance the parking spaces where vehicles can safely and securely park. The area around the building should have proper lighting. If there are any “chunks of the building” that look like they’re about to break and fall off, those can be repaired/replaced. Safety and security matter, especially these days.

#5 Avoid Customer Complaints

When you are improving or renovating the exterior of a commercial building, you are upgrading things like ramps, doors, windows, and various other features. You can make it easier to enter and exit the building during normal days as well as emergency situations. You can avoid customer complaints (and negative online reviews) by making positive changes to the exterior of your commercial building.


Whether you are the owner or the manager of a Minneapolis-St. Paul commercial building, it makes sense to consider exterior renovations every few years. This way you stay compliant with rules, regulations and ordinances, as well as enhance the beauty and usability of your place. Furthermore, you can make your building safer and more secure with exterior enhancements. A visually appealing building gets compliments from those who see and use it. Wouldn’t you rather people gush about how great your place looks than complain how awful it looks? SMC Construction of Spring Lake Park, MN, can do expert exterior renovation work– call 763-300-5519 for info.