Today’s kitchen is more than just a place to prepare meals – it’s probably the pulse of your home. Your family and guests hang out there, maybe you have room for a dining area or bar-height counter, or you may even have a desk for a home office. All this means there are many functional considerations for your kitchen remodel. Then there are all the style options with colors, materials and appliances. And, maybe the most important factor driving all of the other choices is budget.

Kitchen Remodel Layout

Kitchen Remodel Budget Factors

SMC Kitchen Remodel

It surprises a lot of people that the layout of a kitchen has a big impact on the overall budget for your remodel. Keeping the existing layout has the least impact on the budget. But if you start moving things around and knocking down walls, the demo and construction costs start adding up quick. If you relocate your oven, refrigerator and sink, then you need to run new electrical, gas lines and plumbing.

Kitchen Remodel Materials & Appliances

There is a tremendous assortment and range of cost for kitchen materials and appliances. But, in general, the trick is finding something you like in your target price range. It’s important to evaluate the materials (floor, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, etc) and appliances before you start the project. Make a prioritized wish list of what you’re hoping to include in your remodel. This allows you to learn how much you can afford to incorporate into the design, function and overall look of the kitchen. By planning in advance, you’re able to decide if you want to spend less on one thing so you have more money to spend on something that’s more important to you.

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