When planning a master bedroom remodel there are many things to consider.  A master bedroom can be a simple, functional place for sleep.  Or it can be a luxurious retreat from the hustle and bustle of family, work or anything else going on in your world.   And, as always, budget is a big factor.

1. Should my master bedroom remodel be a full en suite?

SMC Master Bedroom Remodel

SMC’s master bedroom remodel of a 2nd floor attic transformed it into a place where the owners could escape at the end of the day.

This question is about whether your considerations are simply for your situation or if you’re thinking about adding value to your home when you sell it. If you really want the convenience and pleasure coming from having a full bathroom as part of your bedroom, go for it. But, if you’re adding the feature for the resale value it provides, think again. According to the Cost/Value Report from Remodeling Magazine you only recoup 50%- 60% of the project cost when you sell your house.

2. Is having a view important and what kind of windows should be considered for a master bedroom remodel?

For existing bedrooms, this primarily depends on where it’s located. If the bedroom only has a view of the neighbor’s wall, most people will opt for fewer windows and more privacy. But, if your bedroom overlooks a more beautiful setting, you should consider a room layout that takes advantage of the views. Another option is to add skylights or dormers if you don’t have a view but want to add some light to the room.

If you’re planning a master bedroom addition – or it’s part of a total home remodel and can be located somewhere new – your decision will be based on your desire for an escape from the daily grind. If that’s what you need, the room should be planned for a location that takes advantage of the most scenic views from the home. This provides an opportunity to be creative in your window choices. You can consider picture windows, a bay window with a seating area, or even sliding glass doors opening to a patio or balcony.

3. Should there be other amenities like a fireplace or sitting area?

This is a combination of personal preference and budget. But there are practical considerations. For instance, where the bedroom is located is critical for a fireplace.  The room needs to be located where venting is an option.

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By Sinan Music, Owner, SMC Construction