SMC Basement Renovation

All of us are spending more time at home and doing more and more activities there that we used to do at other places. Our needs have changed so our houses need to change as well.

According to an August report in the New York Times, in June professionals who list their services on the home renovation site Houzz reported a 58 percent increase in requests from homeowners from June 2019, with queries about home extensions and additions up 52 percent. Some homeowners are converting garages into work studios or adding a shed in the yard for an office. Others are renovating the basement to turn it into a yoga studio or a classroom (NY Times, August 14, 2020).

The Houzz report said that demand for deck and patio professionals each more than doubling. Kitchen and bath remodelers also experienced a 40 percent increase in demand during the month of June, compared with 2019.

Forbes (, Aug 11, 2020) notes these trends among homeowners:

Master suite additions — Many are choosing to make room for a home office, given the COVID work-from-home realities. These offices have more elevated designs than in the past, since they serve as a staging ground for Zoom calls and other public virtual interactions.

Family room additions also continue to be popular, [with] a real emphasis on multi-functionality. They’re still meant for watching TV and gathering with the family. But if there are young children at home, one corner of the room might be devoted to homeschooling, with a desk, shelving, craft supplies, and the like. Another area of the room might function as the home gym, including a platform for the Peloton bike or treadmill.

Mud/utility room – This speaks to the increased demand for storage and organization now that we’re spending so much time at home. Often the laundry appliances will be located there. Some of the utility centers even incorporate some kind of package receiving station, such as a pass-through that delivery persons can use to safely deposit packages inside the home.

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